Organising a bachelor party: which leisure or sports activities to choose?

A stag party is one of the most common parties organised in France. So, for its organisation to be well done, it is essential to choose the right leisure activities and some sports activities. It is in this perspective that this article proposes you some of these leisure and sports activities. If you are keen to organise an EVG in the near future, this article gives you some tips to make your organisation successful.

The go-karting trip

Go-karting is one of the activities you can choose during a stag party. This activity is both a sport, but also a hobby that will help you discover the driving genius in you.


Aerobatics is both fun, but also a sporty activity that you can opt for during an EVG party. This activity will help you get your adrenaline flowing. You can try to live this experience. You will never forget it.

The Ride

As you know, walking is a purely sporting activity. It not only allows you to burn calories, but will also allow you to have fun. When this walk is well organised, it brings pleasure to all participants. This is one of the best activities you can choose for an EGV


You can decide to do cycling at an EVG party. This activity will help you have better memories. Regardless of the number of participants, you can do this activity well. But be lucid and wear safety gear

Escape game

Indoors, an escape game will be ideal for you. With an escape game, you can entertain yourself for 60 minutes or more. As you know, the escape game is a team game that is played with friends. Opting for this game is one of the best ways to organise an EVG.  However, before organising this game, you should carefully evaluate the budget and the number of participants.