Some Tips for Watering a Plant When Travelling

Plants are also living beings that need to be constantly fed. Therefore, feeding a plant properly means providing it with a rational amount of water for its well-being. For this reason, it is important to know about watering. For this reason, those who want to water a plant well and have no idea how to do it, no more worries. Discover in this article the tips to water your plant well, for beeing more informed to your next travelling.

Shade the Plant

To water your plants less, the most effective and simple technique by which it is possible to reduce the amount of water consumed by the plants is to put your plants under the shade. If the plants are in bags or specially designed pots, carry them gently into the shade. This technique allows you to water the plant less. For those who will not be able to move their plants, it is recommended mulching to provide shade for the plants. When you use this technique, you can travel for about two or four days. And it costs next to nothing to set up.

Use the soaked wool-style

Still called wick watering, it is especially much adored by most gardeners. Basically, to install this technique you simply place a box containing water above the plant on a stand. Then, a thread of wool must be drawn from the box to the plant. This way, by capillary action, they will be able to receive large quantities of water at regular intervals. Make sure that the thread is well embedded in the soil. This technique can allow you to be away for more than two weeks. Although it also allows users to travel for a long time without having to think about watering, it is also the least expensive.