Tips for Passing Maths, and Becoming Indomitable   

Being happy for passing your maths exam is normal, but what do you need to do to achieve this? Do you want to know the secret? Read on to find out the tips and tricks that could get you an 18 or even 19 average and be among the best in maths.

Understanding how it works and keeping certain formulas

Mathematics is a science that involves abstraction. To get through it you need to have or develop the ability to think abstractly to be right. It is an exact science based on numbers, quantity. There are no half measures, because in mathematics, the truth is universal and absolute. You cannot have two results for the same equation or situation. Sometimes it is better to memorise formulas and theorems.

To learn maths well, stay in a place away from noise and disturbances. Concentrate in order to understand the general idea. Illustrate situations with your own examples. This makes it easier to understand. You can also learn by singing. Find a melody you like and sing the phrases. Know the formulas by heart.

Doing exercises: unavoidable tricks to get very good grades

Learning only the lessons without doing exercises is like doing half a job. You don't get the result you want. To check that you have really understood the course, you need to practise through exercises. Don't choose easy exercises, instead deal with exercises that force you to use your intellectual capacities to the full. When you get stuck, ask an older brother, sister or acquaintance who can help you. His or her explanation will clear you up and you will be ready to pass the exercises. During exams, be relaxed, casual and focused at the same time so that you don't inadvertently make mistakes. Also, it is permissible for the student to touch the notebook the day before, but it is strictly forbidden for the student to learn the day before instead of refreshing his or her memory.